Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Ravioli

I thought this essay was a little strange but had some great detail and creativity in it. I thought that this essay was great in that it displayed how busy new yorkers are and being from outside new york city i can understand what gopnik is trying to do. I also like how he was able to use the little girl to express his views and beliefs. That was the most creative aspect of the essay. I did not understand why she had this imaginary friend that she rarely saw. Does gopnik have friends that he rarely see? I would hope so or he has some serious mental problems. I also thought if the little girl is getting this kind of attention from mr ravoli which is very little is gopnik trying to say that he does not get enough attention. This essay seems to be gopnik crying out for help. All i know aboutthis essay is i think this is gopnik feelings being displayed by this little girl.

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