Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Fourth State of Matter

I did not like this story at all i thought the whole thing was pointless and not entertaining but the ending was good. She lives in a house with animals everywhere that just seems gross to me. I honestly don't care about some one cleaning up dog beds and squirrel shit like that's not entertaining for me. But i did feel for her and getting divorced because my parents are divorced a d it was very hard on everyone especially my mother. The only part of the essay i like was the twist when she called in sick and everyone at the office was killed. That's just freaky especially how today is the anniversary of September 11th and how my father was suppose to be flying that day and he called in sick or the same for my friends dad who decided to start late that day in the trade towers. It seems to me that her luck and my dads and my friends dads luck is just dumb luck nothing else to it .

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