Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yea so this had to be the worst of all the essays. I could honestly care less about this family's problem of Sidaris sister getting married. That is one of the most common situations in today's world and today's various forms of entertainment like movies, TV shows and books. come on like i have not herd this before. The only part i found was odd was how the father came to terms with the mother being diagnosed with cancer and her inevitable death. He was totally focused on the wedding. That is so odd, how do u shut someone out like that, someone who you have vowed your life to. Makes no sense to me.
If i was in his position i would not of wrote a essay about this for me this would seem like a subject i would not make public. It shows the dysfunction of his family mainly his father. Where his priorities were and what not. I feel for Sidaris but i really thought this was a dry piece of writing.

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