Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Love of My LIfe

In the first sentence of this essay i was already like are you kidding me. She is cheating on her husband a week after her mother died. I was like this is no way to mourn a love one. But then i got thinking maybe she was doing the random acts of sex to dull her pain of her mother. How gross that may sound it kinda makes sense it is kinda the same as a person cutting them self to dull the pain or drinking to do the same. Ever person is different people cope with pain in different ways.
I noticed how in the middle of the essay it occurred to me that it was getting repetitive in the fact that she misses her mother and feels bad for cheating on her husband. We get the part of her mourning her mother and dealing with that by screwing random dudes without real names. lol But how can u love someone like her husband as much as she says she does and still do sexual favors to random guys. Come on she is talking out of her ass then.
I don't understand how her husband did not go crazy right there and then when she told him that she has been having sex with numerous people over the past 2 years. That is like the ultimate betrayal in my mind. In the end it was a interesting but twisted essay at the same time.

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